A project like this rests on a deep stack of impressive work freely shared by a multitude of others. This page is where we thank those people and encourage you to check out their other work.

  • I photoshopped the Planeteria logo in GIMP from a public domain photo found on Flickr.
  • The Unknown Blogger avatar is based on a photo I gimped off of Flickr. Unfortunately, the link went dead and I can no longer find it. All of Nono Fara's photos are beautiful, though, so poke through her stream for some nice shots.
  • I originally based this software on Planet Planet, but quickly moved to build instead on Venus. Later I discarded those dependencies for more flexibility, but my code is less robust as a result. Venus is good stuff and if you're only running one planet, I highly recommend it.
  • The bulk of the CSS on this site is from a template called FreshPick by Erwin Aligam. Some form-specific CSS came from A List Apart. I also grabbed some from Eric Meyer.
  • I scavenged some Javascript from the web: hidediv.
  • I grabbed this mkdir routine.