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You grant me (James Vasile) a worldwide, perpetual, sublicensable royalty-free license to reprint any content you contribute to this site, in verbatim or modified form, and in any medium. This doesn't include stuff we pull in via rss and atom.

This website inevitably collects some data about users, both in server logs and in the content you contribute. I won't share your data with spammers.

You agree not to rely on this site for anything crucial. It might disappear or break without notice and I'm making no commitment to maintain it or fix it quickly (or ever). If you want reliability, talk to me and we'll come up with something that works.

I store your password as plain, unobfuscated text in my database. Please do not use a real password on this site. Security ranges from lax to nonexistent. It's just feeds, and it's not worth the effort of real security.

If your planet is inactive (i.e. nobody is pulling the feed or viewing the planet page on a regular basis), I'm probably going to delete it to conserve resources.

The email address you enter is viewable by anybody who comes to your admin page or pulls your feed. Feel free to lie about your address.

From time to time, I might add new terms here. You agree to watch this page for changes and be bound by those new terms.