Four Keys to Keeping Your Fitness Goals

Everyone can set goals, but an unfortunately small number of those who do actually follow through. Intentions of those people who wish to get in shape generally come from a true desire to make them healthier and happier, but bad habits and excuses creep in and destroy those well-intended plans. So, the seemingly age-old question remains when it comes down to getting fit: how can you keep and meet your goals.

How To Keep My Fitness Goals?

Fitness Goals

The answer to this question, at least here on paper, seems relatively manageable; however, no matter how good a plan you construct, you need to have some level of willpower to stick to it. But, even if you have doubts about your own dedication, you can find success if you couple your best desires with the ideas below. The toughest part is just getting started.

1. Start: Once you have determined what goals you wish to chase, begin. It is that simple. Get going. Too many people spend their time planning out these intricate schedules, but they never actually do anything. Excuses and time issues arise, and, as a result, they go back and design a whole new plan, which is a glorified waste of time.

2. Understand your obstacles: The old adage “Know your enemy” comes into play here in an enormous way. If you are a massive procrastinator, if you love donuts…whatever the problem is, recognize it, accept it, and take strides to circumvent and eventually conquer it. Pretending it is not there, or that it never existed, is an avoidance technique. Come to an honest comprehension of your flaws and faults. This is the only way you will ever face them, which, in turn, represents the only possible way you’ll ever get over them.

3. Generate a system of good habits: Generally speaking, the reason you fail to meet goals is that you allow your life to stay the same and expect different results. Rather than sitting around and expecting the impossible, you need to see that in order for real change and growth to occur, you will need to shed the bad habits and institute some new ones. Life change is critical to making any real growth, and there is no way you’ll achieve any goal without making real change.

4. Think progressively: You can feel motivated by the past, you can analyze the present, but you must exist in the future. Your continual vision must be one of positive momentum; it cannot focus on mistakes made or chances missed. Yes, you must learn from the past, but never dwell on it, for it will turn into a weight you should not allow yourself to carry. You will not be perfect, and you will make numerous mistakes along the way. Accept that and move on. See the importance of tomorrow and believe in it.

In the end, you must change your mentality and alter your old ways. If you do so, you’ll see the change you want, and you’ll finally meet those elusive goals.